North Royalton Power Equipment carries Turf Teq commercial landscaping equipment. Check out the Turf Teq website for more information.

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Turf Teq Power Rake

The Turf Teq Power Rake will Save you time and energy on all of your seedbed preparation, lawn renovation and raking jobs. The compact design of this Power Rake can do its job without damaging healthy turf.   Ideal for: • Rough grading...

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Turf Teq Power Broom

Looking for the best way to easily sweep debris from just about any surface? The Turf Teq Power Broom has everything you need to get the job done, featuring a 46” wide brush.   Ideal for: • Removing snow  • Sweeping...

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Turf Teq Power Edger

Keep the edges clean with a Turf Teq Bed Edger. The only self-propelled, “walking forward” bed opener on the market. A variety of blades are available to make trenching, bed opening, edging and grooming a breeze.   Please note: the...

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